Woman, with warlike soul

There are flowers on my yard
‘Cause nobody give them to me,
To be honest,
I was born in the wrong body…

I am woman, with warlike soul
I came to earth
To fight as man...
For the sustenance of the family
For the smile every day
For my own harmony!

No bouquet in favor of sweetness
was given me
Nor was given me the chance
of being delicate and fragile

But while nobody discovers the woman
backwards the warrior armor
I go for the world,
offering my petals
while passing by and playing with the flip-flap
of the happy butterflies
that in me recognize the coloring of the soul
that only a true woman has...
the coloring of who knows
planting and sowing and picking and enjoying
the flowers of its proper garden!

Caroline Schneider
All rights reserved

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